Passion and vision

Change is inevitable – but the mystery remains

Orchids are one of the most species-rich families in the plant kingdom. Their highly developed forms trace their roots back to the tropics, but also span the continents to the icy regions of the North and South.

The colors and forms of orchid flowers have fascinated many human cultures. Orchids serve as a metaphor for sensual beauty, culminating in erotic and mystical musings. Small wonder that adventurers, plant hunters and botanists alike have embarked on expeditions that resemble treasure hunts, interspersed with many tales of bravery and treachery. Plant lovers were and are willing to pay a small fortune for a particularly coveted specimen. In our globalized society, orchids are now widely used. Many countries in southern Asia have helped make orchids popular houseplants. Their triumph in Europe is unbroken, and Hassinger in Wiesbaden is at the very vanguard.

Hassinger creates its own style:
Never before seen shapes and colours –
which bring the market into full bloom.

Hassinger and orchids – a passionate adventure, well documented by historical descriptions. The two brothers Hans and Roland came down with orchid fever many years ago, and their search for new botanical species drove them to the deepest corners of the tropics. At the same time, they started planning to develop a breeding program with orchids as an economical foundation for their company back home in Wiesbaden – an expensive and time-consuming undertaking, especially since they aspired to play a leading role on the stage of orchid magic. 20 years later, Hassinger’s innovative style has prevailed on an international basis. The fascinating, hitherto unknown forms that they create enthrall professionals and consumers alike – creativity in its purest form. Plant habits and foliage characteristics allow for a wide range of applications. In Europe, orchids have made the leap from specialty item to everyone’s darling. Every Hassinger orchid that hits the market is state of the art.

Innovation is more than just mere head games

When it comes to orchids, Hassingers’ imagination is like never-ending fireworks of new ideas. Their creativity is unbridled by filters of rationality. Of course they often encounter the boundaries of what is possible, but the space allowed for experimentation remains infinite. Every step opens the way for a multitude of new paths. In order to ensure that everything goes according to plan, it is imperative to never lose touch with reality. Innovations are only classified as such if the market accepts them as such. Therefore, Hassinger is always tinkering with the ideal balance between speed, product quality and visual surprise, based on their own knowledge and optimized with the external idea pool of the network. Success through improved availability, stable varieties and totally new product forms demonstrate that Hassinger has advanced to become one of the key trendsetters in the international orchid scene.

Let the fireworks begin!