Close cooperation creates valuable synergies

A high degree of specialization can often lead to tunnel vision. Frankly, many things that Hassingers do are not immediately evident and self-explanatory. Things get really exciting if you throw in the input of five experts in the field – creating a pool of creativity, an out-of-the-box think tank: the NEON group. Indeed, this network has developed into a unique vanguard for the development of the orchid market in Europe. The medium-sized companies that make up NEON cover the entire spectrum of consumeroriented orchid production and distribution. Hassinger profits from the modern technologies and logistic capabilities of its partners, and at the same time contributes a continuous stream of exciting new varieties to the network. Goal of the group is for NEON to become the international benchmark in the orchid industry.

NEON - We Love Orchids

Our world would be a very different place if the principle of impossibility applied to all difficult things.

If scientific knowledge were forever set in stone, then we would probably still be living on a flat Earth circled by a smiling sun, and anything heavier than air would never be able to fly. Thank goodness that there are always those intrepid souls that will perpetually stretch the boundaries of our knowledge and question all conventional wisdom. For example, look at an orchid bred by Hassinger – even a few years ago, many would have been incredulous at what they have been able to create. But then again, it is not just all about beauty. There are many other issues, especially the pragmatic facets that are just as difficult – and plagued with uncertainties – as breeding itself. At Hassingers, we are always working on optimizing working procedures, improving costs efficiencies and the implementation of communication protocols to stabilize the market. Together with the NEON group, all instruments are closely coordinated so that the message of an exciting plant family can reach – and inspire – the consumer time and time again.

In-vitro young plants
from Hark Orchideen,

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